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Supplier & Distributor of Crane Electrification Products

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The Rowland Company has partnered with world-leading manufacturers to bring customers the highest quality innovations in crane electrification components, including parts from Conductix-Wampfler, Duct-O-Wire, and Magnetek. We provide conductor bar, festoon systems, and cable reels for overhead cranes. Completely custom engineered solutions are available at economical rates. We distribute a long list of specialty items, such as the durable PowerReel and Rhino Reel cable reel series with all steel construction and excellent indoor and outdoor industrial performance and Magnetek’s Plug and Play festoon system, designed to cut down on installation time. All products are safe and reliable, upholding current standards and codes. For more information about the selection of electrification components available, please contact us directly.

Crane Electrification Products Products Literature & Brochures

PDF Motor Drive Cable Reels
PDF VFD Motor Driven Cable Reels
PDF Spring Driven Cable Reels
PDF Rhino Reel Spring Driven Cable Reel
PDF Conductor Bar - Safe-Lec 2 & Hevi-Bar II
PDF Conductor Bar - 8 Bar & Side Contact
PDF Conductor Rail 812 Series
PDF Conductor Rail 813 Series
PDF Conductor Rail 831 Series
PDF Conductor Rail 842 Series
PDF Festoon Systems for Wire Rope - Series 210 & 215
PDF Festoon Systems for C-Rails - Program 240
PDF Festoon Systems for Square Rails - Program 270 & 280
PDF Festoon Systems for I-Beams - Program 314, 320, 325, 330
PDF Festoon Systems for I-Beams - Program 350, 360, 364
PDF Festoon Systems for I-Beams - Program 365, 370, 375
PDF LM Series Energy Guiding Chains

Conductix-Wampfler Features & Benefits

  • Design, manufacture, and install/service a wide range of conductor bar systems, transit conductor rails, slip ring assemblies, and inductive power transfer (IPT®) systems, as well as cable festoons, spring driven cable reels, and motor driven cable reels
  • Offers an array of crane controls, including push button pendants, radio remote controls, and bumpers
  • Rugged, low-maintenance products have been proven over time in the most demanding industrial environments and are backed by a combined worldwide sales and service network unmatched in the industry
  • All plants are ISO 9001:2008 certified

PDF Figure 8 Electrical Conductor Bar Systems
PDF HD Series Conductor Bar Systems
PDF Industrial Festooning Systems
PDF Quick-Plug Festoon Components

Duct-O-Wire Features & Benefits

  • Manufacturing crane and hoist electrification systems since 1955
  • Leader in electrification and control products for overhead cranes, monorails, hoists, trolleys, automatic stacker-retrieval systems, and material handling applications requiring safe and economical moving power solutions
  • Largest selection of push button pendant stations in the industry

PDF DC Contactors and Switches
PDF EUCLID AC & DC Controllers, Resistors, Switches

Braking Resistors, Modules, VBR Load Analyzer

PDF Allen Bradley Drives
PDF GE AF-650GP & Legacy Drives
PDF GE Fuji Drives
PDF Type CR Case Resistors
PDF Type ER & ERB Edgewound Resistors
PDF Type GL, GM, and RH Resistors
PDF Type SR & SXR Smoothwound Resistors
PDF Type VR Ventwound Resistors
PDF Type WR Wirewound Resistors

Hubbell/Powerohm Features & Benefits

  • World class manufacturer of power resistor products
  • Resistors and braking controllers for Rockwell Allen Bradley, GE AF-650, and GE Fuji drives
  • Replacement resistors for GE, Post Glover, IPC, Challenger, Ohmite, Hubbell, Filnor, Milwaukee, Westinghouse
  • Euclid controllers, pendants, resistors, master and limit switches
  • FEMCO controllers, radio transmitter and receivers

PDF Electrobar HX Series Conductor Bar System
PDF FABA-100 Compact Conductor Rail System
PDF ELECTROBAR 8-Bar Conductor Bar System
PDF ELECTROBAR Finger Safe Conductor Bar System
PDF ELECTROBAR Elite Conductor Bar System
PDF Festoon Systems & Cable
PDF C-Track Festoon Systems
PDF Heavy-Duty Aluminum Festoon Systems
PDF Heavy-Duty I-Beam Festoon Systems
PDF Mill Duty I-Beam Festoon Systems
PDF Plug and Play Festoon Systems

Magnetek Features & Benefits

  • America’s largest supplier of digital drive systems for industrial cranes and hoists
  • Provide Energy Engineered® drives, radio remote controls, braking and collision avoidance subsystems, motors, conductor bar, festoon systems, and more
  • Specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of digital power and motion control systems for material handling, people-moving and mining applications
  • Serve the needs of selected niches of traditional and emerging commercial markets that are becoming increasingly dependent on “smart” power
  • Backed by the industry’s best warranty and service policy

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